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Fascinating Waterfalls


Dudhsagar Waterfall 

 Dudhsagar is one of the world's most exquisite falls.  It is located on the Mandovi River and  depict a wonderful story  that  a beautiful princess lived in the forest (near present day Dudhsagar Falls) in a palace. She loved and enjoyed bathing in a lake nearby and used to drink "sweetened milk" from her "golden jug" after finishing with her bath. One day while enjoying her jug of milk she found herself being watched by a prince, who was standing amongst the trees. Red with embarrassment at her inadequate bathing attire, she poured the jug of milk in front of him to form an improvised curtain to hide her body while the maids rushed to cover her with her dress. It is said that it is that sweetened milk that cascades down the mountain slope as Dudhsagar Falls to this day as a tribute to the virtue and modesty of the princess.

Arvalalm Waterfall 

The Arvalem or Harvalem waterfalls, which cascades down from the mountains, from a height of 50 metres, is one of the most awe-amazing spots. The Arvalem Waterfall is a very scenic and beautiful picnic spot. 

Kesarval Waterfall

Kesarval Waterfall in Goa stands out for its exclusive beauty. This waterfall is also known as ‘Kesarval Spring’. The word ‘Kesar-val’ is a derivative of the Indian word for Eagles that used to uphold a colony here among the afforested slopes.Kesarval Waterfall is located at a distance of 22 km from Panaji. It is on the Panaji-Margao highway. Kesarval Waterfall is nestled amidst tropical woodlands and beckons the betel-nut and palms that appear from the hard rocks. The only way to reach this waterfall is the steps that were built in the 1950s below the hill as a rocky zigzag track. People have a dip in its water with a strong belief that its ‘healing waters’ with miraculous therapeutic properties will drive away all their diseases.

The waterfall is at its peak in the monsoons and looks magnificent, brimming with sparkling water. Especially in the months between June to September the Waterfall is at its resplendent best. During the scorching summers of Goa in April and May, the water fall has scarce water. So, the ideal time to visit the Kesarval Waterfall is during monsoon.


Athirappilly Waterfalls

It is one of the exotic waterfalls  in Kerala , after being here you must  feel the impact that  your breath is stolen away. This is not only because it is the highest waterfall in Kerala, but also because it is extremely beautiful. The sound of the water plunging down will be music to your ears, and the sight would invoke a deep sense of wildness in you because nowhere else would you see something beautiful like this. The water flowing down from the fringes of the Sholayar forests later joins the Chalakudi river.

Palaruvi or ‘The Stream of Milk’

This waterfall is the 40th highest waterfall in India located in the Kollam district of Kerala. The  beauty of this spectacular waterfall attracts picnickers every year. You have to trek through dense forests to reach the waterfall and the experience is definitely memorable. The misty white color of the falling water gives the name “Palaruvi” or “the stream of milk” to this waterfall.

Thommankuthu-Seven step water fall

Thommankuthu is located near the town of Thodupuzha. Each of the seven steps in the waterfall is succeeded by a pool, making the entire unit look beautiful beyond words. The presence of an exotic collection of native flora and fauna make this waterfall, a preferred spot for vacationers touring that part of Kerala. And the untainted beauty of the cascading falls makes it a must see place during your Kerala Tour.

Thusharagiri Waterfall

 The name Thusharagiri means “snowy peak” or  the “snow-capped mountains”. The waterfall looks exactly like water or snow spraying down when it emanates from the Western Ghats. If you want to see the origin of the waterfall, you can go on a 5-kilometer trek uphill, provided you are physically fit. But it is worthwhile to observe the shimmering waters when it catches the glistening rays of the sun at the top!

Nyayamkadu Waterfall

Nyayamkadu waterfall near Munnar is a very popular tourism spot, for its uniqueness and gurgling waters. Fishing enthusiasts enjoy the pool, visitors feast their eyes on the frothy waters and trekking fanatics call it a haven. The waters fall from a height of 1600 meters, making it even more magical and scenic. If you walk up the Nyayamkadu gap, you can take spectacular photos of the Munnar town and see an amazing view of the sprawling tea gardens.

Meenmutty Waterfall

To reach there, one needs to go on a 2-kilometer trek. It is one of the gorgeous waterfalls in the state is Meenmutty and it is located in Wayanad.   You can enjoy the zillion shades of green inside the dense forests, and beautiful valleys. The waters capture the beauty of the sun in its full essence and cascade down to the earth through the rocks giving a vision of true elegance and captivating beauty.


Cheeyappara waterfall is located on the Kochi-Madurai highway is another beautiful waterfall called the Cheeyappara Waterfalls, Trekking and picnicking are the favourite activities of people visiting the waterfalls. The gushing waters and the surging sprays keep your mind and soul refreshed and rejuvenated the whole time.

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